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DeviceMD survey for minimally invasive procedure administration

Q. How do you rate the status of your current interaction with medical device industry? (10 being effectively engaged and 0 is no engagement)
Q. What is your top source of medical device news?
Q. What is your level of understanding of device development process and innovation?
Q. Do you have device or tech ideas that you wish you could develop but don’t know how to/consider the process daunting?
Q. How do you rate your interaction with the device reps?
Q. What factor makes the engagement with a medical device rep productive?
Q. Do you mostly engage with reps from large manufacturers or effectively interact with smaller/less-known manufacturers?
Q. How easy is it to access the device rep in times to urgent need?
Q. Do you find it hard to find device related information/Specs when you need it during a procedure?
Q. Do you find the device brochures, product labels easy to understand and navigate?
Q. Do you experience unintentional opening of devices because the specs were not clearly communicated?
Q. Is it a challenge to find the appropriate device(stent/catheter/wire) in unique/unfamiliar clinical scenarios?
Q. Do you have an effective way to compare devices, delivery systems, catheter/wire compatibility?
Q. Are you satisfied with the level of proctoring for new devices?
Q. Do you think the cases can be proctored online?
Q. How do you know about product recall?
Q. How do you know about early clinical use device trials?
Q. Would you like to participate in device trails and be an early user?
Q. Where do you learn or seek advice about treatment of complex cases/off-label uses of devices?